Despite the smaller size profile of this year’s crop, the European campaign is going smoothly so far


The growth trajectory of Colombian avocado exports shows no signs of slowing down in 2024. According to Ricardo Uribe, CEO of leading grower-exporter Cartama, Colombia’s avocado exports are set to grow by between 16 and 20 per cent this year, giving a potential shipment volume of 141,000 tonnes.

He said the year has started well, with exports to the European market achieving good returns in January and February.

“The challenge has been in the size profile of the crop – due to El Niño, all the main producing countries in the region have seen a concentration of small calibres, between counts 24 and 32,” he told Fruitnet. “We’re currently seeing interesting prices for larger fruit (counts 12-16), while there’s an oversupply of smaller-sized fruit.”

With Peruvian avocado output projected to be down 16 per cent this year, the expectation is for a more balanced European market this coming summer.

“Peru is expected to finish its campaign earlier than in the previous years due to the impact of El Niño and the high temperatures it has brought in recent months. We hope that July will see the last big volumes being sent from Peru,” Uribe noted.

Trade data from the National Association of Foreign Trade (Analedex) show an average annual growth rate of more than 12 per cent. Exports have surged from 34,911 tonnes in 2020 to 114,535 tonnes last year.