Hass Avocado Gen

The Yunnan Avocado Agriculture Development (YAAD), led by Mr Avocado, has announced its trial planting of Hass avocado in Yunnan, China as a ‘big success’.

Through the help of Mission Produce, YAAD imported authentic Hass seedlings to China via official channels.

With the support of Institute of Tropical and Subtropical Cash-crops under Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Yunnan Province Characteristic Industry Promotion Association, the trial found that in certain regions of Yunnan, avocados can produce fruit within 2.5 years with the aid of scientific methods.

Normally it would take Hass avocado trees four to five years to produce fruit, with this trial adding to the category’s attractiveness to capital.

YAAD established a nursery in 2018, and currently has the ability to produce 300,000 avocado seedlings annually. The first batch of grafted seedlings are gradually being planted in the field.

Learning from the 30-years of experience of its partners, Mission Produce, in the US in avocado industry, while taking the local growing environment, YAAD said it developed a modern avocado planting management system which can be utilised in large scale commercial planting.

According to Mr Avocado, China’s leading avocado brand, the unripe avocado market in China shrank 35 per cent in 2019, as it did not satisfy its consumers. It’s believed this was due to Chinese consumers misunderstanding the fruit, and how to use it.

Mr Avocado’s ripe avocado sales grew 65 per cent in 2019. Through partnership, YAAD said it will be able to fully utilise Mr Avocado’s advanced ripening facilities in Shanghai to supply domestic grown ripe avocado to the Chinese market, when launched.