Rijk Zwaan Sweet Palermo range Taste Award 2021

For the second year in a row, Spanish consumers have awarded Rijk Zwaan's Sweet Palermo pepper range with the ‘Taste of the Year’ title.

Having successfully put forward only the red variety of Sweet Palermo as a contender for the award in 2020, for 2021 Rijk Zwaan submitted its entire range of coloured peppers, red, yellow and chocolate.

According to the vegetable seed specialist, all three colours were successful, and may now display the ‘Taste of the Year 2021’ label, awarded for products that stand out on the shelves thanks to their unique and appealing flavour.

‘Taste of the Year’ is the only seal of approval based exclusively on a product’s flavour qualities, as tested by consumers. The Global Quality Group has been coordinating the award of these labels for more than 13 years in Spain and 20 years elsewhere in Europe.

A sensory study in the pepper category, carried out by ALS Global Iberia, revealed 'outstanding overall satisfaction regarding Sweet Palermo'.

The recognition is seen by Rijk Zwaan as particularly valuable as ALS Global Iberia is an independent sensory analysis laboratory that works with a panel of 80 Spanish consumers who regularly buy and eat peppers.

The evaluation included the taste, appearance, aroma and texture of the entire Sweet Palermo range in the colours red, yellow and chocolate.

The results of the sensory study revealed outstanding scores in terms of consumer preference and acceptance of Sweet Palermo.

“This new recognition is important for the Sweet Palermo brand as it confirms consumer trust in both the brand and the characteristic flavour and quality of our range,” said Javier García Rigol, chain specialist at Rijk Zwaan Ibérica.