GB UK Tesco Love Every Mouthful strawberries

UK retail market leader Tesco has released more details of its new marketing campaign, confirming it will be called Love Every Mouthful and that it is aimed at improving the company's reputation as a source of quality fresh food.

The campaign is due to begin officially on Sunday, when television advertising will kick off a series of promotional messages in cinemas, outdoors, via social media channels and in print.

As Eurofruit reported on Tuesday, fresh produce is at the heart of the new initiative and customers will be invited to sample whatever takes their fancy in theory, although sources close to Tesco suggest that offer may be limited to certain key items each week.

Next week, staff in all Tesco stores will be providing fresh strawberries for shoppers to sample, encouraging them to think about different possible ways to eat the fruit.

John Bell, a produce manager from a Tesco store in Hornchurch, told the Fresh Produce Journal: 'The Love Every Mouthful initiative will allow us to provide much more samples and tasters to customers, and will make the fresh produce aisle stand out
much more.

'Literally anything will be available to sample and we think this is a great way to generate sales and promote our fresh produce varieties. It is an exciting time to work in the produce team at Tesco and this scheme really encourages creativity on the fixture.'

Tesco UK marketing director David Wood said the new campaign was designed to be less serious and more focused on enjoyment.

'So much care goes into the food we eat, from growing to picking, to choosing, to packing and tasting,' he explained. 'We want to share our passion for food. The idea behind Love Every Mouthful is simple – a reminder in our busy lives to savour every flavour, every scoop, every crunch, every drizzle, every mealtime conversation. Our approach is playful and we hope people will enjoy it.'

Retail analyst Steve Dresser told Eurofruit that incentives had been introduced to ensure fresh fruit and vegetable displays were made as attractive as possible in stores.

He also revealed that the fresh produce department manager judged to have created the best display for Love Every Mouthful would be given a holiday to South Africa.

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Additional reporting by Thomas Hobbs