Hazel Tech Mango

Hazel Technologies has announced a partnership with Miami-based online tropical and exotic fruit store, Tropical Fruit Box.

The D2C box company, an e-commerce, home delivery extension of WP Produce, makes fresh tropical and exotic fruits from around the world more accessible to consumers with 'freshness guaranteed delivery' in the continental US.

Tropical Fruit Box specialises in tropical and exotic fruits and roots, delivered to consumers through 'create your own', curated or subscription boxes.

Customers can choose from a wide array of seasonal tropical produce including Desbry tropical avocados, soursop, mangosteen and rare mango varieties, mamey, dragon fruit, rambutans, and lychees.

Like its parent company WP Produce, Tropical Fruit Box said that it was successfully using Hazel O to combat any concerns over freshness.

Hazel O is Hazel Tech’s organic alternative to the company’s flagship technology Hazel 100TM used to protect conventional produce.

The easy-to-use sachet delays the ripening process in fruits and vegetables, helping Tropical Fruit Box 'achieve their freshness guarantee for their customers'.

“We trust Hazel with the quality of our Desbry tropical avocados, so it only makes sense that we trust our other tropical produce with the same product,” commented Desiree Morales, founder of Tropical Fruit Box. “Hazel O helps us achieve the quality and freshness guarantee promised to our customers at Tropical Fruit Box.”

“The subscription box industry is booming, especially when it comes to food and meal kit subscriptions,” added Aidan Mouat, CEO of Hazel Technologies. “With Tropical Fruit Box, we’re able to see how our technology can provide freshness extension solutions directly to consumers, both conventionally and organically.”