Red kiwifruit Italy

New York-based importer Trucco has expanded its kiwifruit offer after taking delivery of its first ever container of Italian-grown red kiwifruit last month.

“This is a first for the company that has spent the last 20 years becoming one of the largest distributors ofkiwifruitin the US with its green, gold, and organic varieties,” the company said. “Trucco now has an opportunity to provide consumers with a more diverse selection ofkiwifruit.”

The redkiwifruitwill initially be available in limited quantities as the company looks to gauge consumer reaction before evaluating future distribution.

Growers in Italy have been working for years to develop the newredvariety as they seek unique ways to fulfil the growing demand within thekiwifruitcategory. The recent success of the gold varieties, in the US and globally, has pushed the industry to look atkiwifruitin a different way.

“Changing consumer trends has broughtkiwifruitmainstream and will open opportunities for this unusual coloured fruit to succeed,” Trucco said. “Growers can spend more of their resources investing in improving the quality of unique products, knowing consumers will respond positively.”

From the outside, aredkiwifruitappears similarly to the gold variety with its smooth skin, while the inside reveals a vibrantredcore.

“When it comes to flavour, theredkiwifruitstands on its own with a robust berry splash in addition to the usual sweet kiwi taste. Theredvariety is an exciting tropical addition to thekiwifruitcategory,” the company said.

“Trucco always strives to be an industry leader in innovation. Being at the forefront of new opportunities, such as theredkiwifruit, is a priority for the company. Especially given its dedication tokiwifruit.

“With its modern distribution capabilities, Trucco is the right company to push thisredtreat into the spotlight, where it can compete for space on retail shelves. While still in the early stages Trucco is excited for the possibilities the new variety brings.”