The US Potato Board is enjoying early interest following a campaign targeting the Philippines market after its success in securing access for fresh table-stock potatoes in July.

Following the breakthrough, the Denver-based board conducted some initial marketing activities including US suppliers visiting retail outlets and warehouse facilities to gain an overview of the market requirements and insight into consumer purchasing habits.

An industry trade mission to the Philippines by US suppliers on 17-19 September provided a trade seminar for the Southeast Asian nation’s distributors, retailers, restaurant owner and quality managers.

Seminar participants were taught about the US potato industry, the quality and variety of products and guidelines on how to import, store and handle fresh potatoes.

The mission concluded with a trade reception showcasing US potatoes in numerous dishes.

While organisers had been anticipated the presence of 60 seminar participants, they received more than 80, according to the board’s international marketing manager of table-stock, Sarah Reece.

Reece also added that the mission had been highly successful in providing trade leads for sales.