Italian supplier placed its first club varieties, Kanzi and Ambrosia, in the market this season

The Val Venosta Association of Fruit and Vegetable Cooperatives (Vip) has seen dynamic sales of its club apple varieties in non-EU markets since the beginning of the campaign. Latin America and India are target markets for the Italian supplier outside Europe.

Joachim Rabensteiner, VIP sales manager

Joachim Rabensteiner, Vip’s sales manager

The Italian supplier concluded its South and Central American sales campaign, focused on Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador and Brazil, at the end of March when supplies of apples from Argentina and Chile began.

Sales manager Joachim Rabensteiner said Gala, Fuji and Red Delicious are the most popular varieties in the region, while Golden apples are also starting to see increased demand.

“This campaign marked an important milestone: Central and South America started to introduce some club apples and our team succeeded in placing Kanzi and Ambrosia,” he said.

Vip said it has now embarked on its Asian programmes with satisfactory results, particularly in India, despite shipments taking some 15 days long to reach Indian ports because of the continuing Suez and Red Sea crisis.

“Despite such a critical economic situation, the start of the Asian campaign was positive. Thanks to the right contacts, gained over time, and effective negotiations by our sales team, the red apple assortment has already been fully placed,” Rabensteiner said.

Next month, Vip will close its overseas campaign and focus on Europe. The consortium said exports of Val Venosta apples to European countries have started “with great momentum”.

Rabensteiner said: “Now that all red varieties have been channelled in Europe, we can concentrate on Golden Delicious, our most important variety, which is available 12 months a year in a high quality”.