Spain citrus

The European Commission (EC) has this week launched the new market observatory for citrus, with Jose Antonio Garcia Fernandez – director of Ailimpo and one of the initiators of the World Citrus Organization (WCO) – presenting the structure, role and objectives of the newly created platform for the global citrus category in Brussels.

The EC welcomed the global initiative, spearheaded by Ailimpo, underlying the relevance of such a platform for the citrus sector to exchange information and debate on matters of common concern to enhance the category.

According to Freshfel, such a platform is fully aligned with the objective of the European Market Observatory, which aims to provide market transparency and trends.

'Therefore, the work of the World Citrus Organization will be beneficial for the deliberation of the European Citrus Market Observatory,' the EC noted. 'Following their ongoing collaboration with other similar international fruit platforms, the European Commission looks forward to having a fruitful cooperation with the new citrus structure once fully in operation.'

Freshfel Europe, with its experts and the support of its Brussels-based secretariat, said that it was eager to contribute to the success of the market observatories and the various sub sections such as citrus, peaches and nectarines, apples and pears and tomatoes.