Hamburg Arche charity Zespri

Kiwifruit grower-marketer Zespri has announced that it is supporting the Hamburg Arche with €45,000 euros to implement two projects aiming to help socially disadvantaged families and children.

For many children there are neither regular hot meals nor suitable learning conditions at home, a situation exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, and Hamburg Arche looks to offer support to these people.

“At Zespri, we recognise how fortunate we’ve been during this extraordinary year,' said Giorgio Comino, executive officer ENA at Zespri. 'That’s why the European team, guided by our purpose – helping people, communities, and the environment around the world thrive through the goodness of kiwifruit – decided to explore a new way of celebrating the traditional holiday season.

“Moving forward, each year we’ll be selecting a different European charity that is dedicated to helping people, society and the environment thrive, echoing the best qualities of kiwifruit,' Comino continued. 'We’ve asked each of our markets to assist with that process and to nominate local organisations that operate aligned with our own company values; guardianship and personal connections.

'In supporting the German charity, Die Arche, this year, we’ll be helping individuals and making a big difference to the community together,' he added.

Zespri will finance two projects for the Hamburger Arche from now on, supporting children and their families in their everyday life and giving children the possibility to develop their potential despite difficult starting conditions.

'In these challenging times, children and young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds suffer particularly badly,' noted German marketing manager Cornelia Tietz. “It is a matter that is near to our heart to improve the living conditions of children in our region.

'With the Arche we have found the ideal partner for our common goal of helping children as well as contributing to society as a whole.”