Five new products will help chefs reduce prep time and cut food waste while maintaining premium quality

Albert Bartlett has partnered with British chef and TV presenter James Martin to create a new premium range of frozen potato products specifically targeted at chefs.

The high-quality foodservice range will help chefs reduce prep time and cut food waste, as well as “delivering a product they can be proud to serve”, the leading potato producer said.

Now available UK-wide through Nationwide Produce, the ‘Albert Bartlett Inspired by James Martin’ range includes five products: Luxury Mashed Potato, Classic Mashed Potato, Triple Cooked Chunky Chips, Classic Fries, and Sweet Potato Fries.

As a premium restaurant-focused range, Albert Bartlett’s new offering will go into competition with the Koffmann’s frozen range, as well as those of McCain and Lamb Weston. For its part, the Koffmann’s frozen offer includes various sizes of frozen ‘frites’ and ‘sweet potato frites’, as well as mashed potatoes with butter.

Albert Bartlett said the range addresses “the need to balance the challenges of managing a busy kitchen and maintaining high quality and taste”. The company described it as a “convenient restaurant-ready solution”.

The supplier’s brand and marketing director, John Hicks, said: “We are delighted to be working with James to create our new food service range of frozen products.

“We have been producing fantastic quality frozen products for the retail market for many years, however this new range represents our first set of products created specifically for chefs.”

Albert Bartlett explained its frozen products can be served as they are “or given a chef’s signature gourmet twist”.

Martin said: “As chefs, we are faced with many pressures and challenges with staff, sourcing, planning and ensuring we deliver consistently great food. That’s why we have developed these great tasting high quality products. It is a true chef’s range, and now with all the convenience of frozen.”

Group MD of Nationwide Produce, Tim O’Malley, added: “We’re excited to strengthen our ongoing partnership with Albert Bartlett through the launch. As the dedicated distributor we are proud to offer this high-quality, home-grown, restaurant-ready solution, further enhancing our commitment to delivering innovative and top-quality products to our customers.”

Here is a run-down of the five products in the range:

Luxury Mash is made from single-variety British Albert Bartlett potatoes. The taste and texture of this mash is described as “high-end restaurant quality” with a “rich taste and silky-smooth texture”. Packed in 800g containers, it can be cooked from either chilled or frozen.

Classic Mash is made from British Albert Bartlett potatoes and is said to be perfect for everyday meals. Packed in 800g containers, it can be cooked from either chilled or frozen.

Triple Cooked Chunky Chips are made from Albert Bartlett Original Rooster potatoes and have a bespoke batter to deliver crunch on the outside and a fluffy texture on the inside. They come in 2kg packs and benefit from a freezing process that locks in quality and freshness.

Classic Fries are made using Albert Bartlett Original Rooster. Coated and fried in Albert Bartlett’s specially developed batter, the supplier describes the fries as “consistently tasty and crispy”. They are gluten-free and packed in 2kg bags.

Sweet Potato Fries are packed in 2kg bags and come with a crispy coating, which Albert Bartlett says is “key” for this product.