GEN apples London market

British Apples and Pears (BAPL) has teamed up withleadingdietitian Sian Porter toencourage consumers to helplower their risk of heart diseaseandhighblood pressureby snacking on apples.

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is thebiggestcause of deaths worldwide and the leading cause ofprematuredeaths in the UK for both men and women. Porter emphasised that it is“more important thanever” tosupport your heart healthby eaing plenty of fruit and vegetables.

She said: “57 per cent of consumerssay the pandemic has changed their food habits.Health, especially personal health isnowmore of a driverthan ever before,makingpeoplethink differently about how theycook, eatandshop,but we also know people are snackingmoremindfully.

“We know fromresearchthateating fruit,and specific fruitssuch as apples and pears,is associatedwithalower risk ofcardiovascular disease (CVD)including strokes and CHD,sosnacking on fruit includingapplesmakessense when you want to eat more healthily and look after your cardiovascular health.

Research published this yearfound thatincreasingflavanolintakebioactivecompoundsfound inconsiderable quantities in foods such asapplesisassociated withastatisticallysignificant loweringofblood pressure inmen and women.

Ata population level,flavanolintake could have a role in the maintenance of cardiovascular health, according to research.

BAPL's executive chair, Ali Capper, said:“Adaily apple is sucha simple way tosupportour cardiovascular healthandmake a healthier snacking choice.Swapping that sugary snack for a crisp, juicyBritishapple is not only a treat for our bodies, it’s a treat for our taste buds too.'