VLAM kicks off two-year promotional campaign aimed at boosting supply of Belgian potatoes in the UK

A substantial new two-year marketing campaign to promote Belgian processed potatoes is launching for the UK retail and foodservice sectors. 

The ‘Flourish and Grow’ Campaign will highlight the growth of the potato category and the opportunity for retail and foodservice to build their business with a good quality and innovative frozen, chilled and fresh potato category offer. 

Belgium is the world’s top exporter of pre-cooked potato products, with 90 per cent of its production exported to over 100 countries. The campaign funded by VLAM will focus on the quality, innovation and sustainability credentials of EU produce grown, processed and packed in Belgium.

Increasing demand

Brits consume the most frozen potatoes in Europe, eating around 1.1m tonnes, and the country relies on imports to meet demand. Around 760,000 tonnes are imported every year, and the market is expected to continue on an upwards trend over the next decade.

“Belgian processed potato products are a strong and proven solution for retailers and caterers, with excellent quality in-home and out-of-home options to meet consumer trends, said Katrien De Nul, promotion manager at VLAM.

 “Our rich, fertile soil, mild climate and long-held potato-growing traditions ensure Belgian potatoes are the perfect raw ingredient for innovative potato concepts.”

The ‘Flourish and Grow’ Campaign will also highlight the significant investment made by growers and processors in production methods to tackle packaging and plastic, reduce carbon footprint and water usage, to ensure retailers can be confident of sustainable products with full traceability.

“All our growers and processors are committed to working in partnership on both sides of the Channel to ensure we can meet consumer demand with quality and innovative products, with strong sustainable credentials, De Nul added.