A new Italian strawberry is set to hit UK supermarket shelves this summer, with S&A Produce investing and marketing British-grown Capri strawberries.

The firm - which claim to be the UK's largest independent growers of strawberries - says it has planted 90 hectares of the variety this season across its four sites;two in Herefordshire, one in Kent and one in South Wales.

As part of the promotional push, the firm says that its multimedia website, which includes Capri recipes, as well as various media briefings and public tasting events can help the new variety become a top seller as the British strawberry season gets underway.

Capri, which is bred in Italy and grown in the UK,has a distinctive cone shape and striking red colour according to James Seymour, product and brand development manager for S&A Produce.

He concluded: “The development of any new variety involves a lot of hard work, much investment and enormous passion and belief in the product and Capri is testament to that.

'We are very much looking forward to the season ahead, particularly as we have worked diligently to find Capri’s optimum picking time to achieve maximum flavour for the consumer to enjoy.'