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The British Herb Trades Association (BHTA) has been given a facelift through a new logo and website to ensure it “moves with the times” and reaches more in the herb supply chain.

The association, which has also been renamed British Herbs, said it aims to become an “essential” part of British herb production.

“The association is entering a new phase and we have realigned ourselves to ensure that we reach out to as many herb growers, suppliers and associate members and we are now encouraging importers, consultants and centres of learning to get on board,” said British Herbs’ Mathew Prestwich, who headed up the image makeover project.

“Under the new name of British Herbs, we aim to become an essential part of British Herb faming, production and marketing for all areas of the industry.”

The new website covers herb production and cuisine, and includes a seasonality chart with over 20 herb-themed recipes.

“It is important that we move with the times” said British Herbs chairman, Nigel Stangroom. “We are a vibrant, modern, industry providing top quality products to consumers through multiple retailers, food services and ingredients in many meal solutions. Our new image and website reflect that, and we are delighted with the results of the teams’ hard work.”

The British Herb annual conference takes place on 29 January in Northampton.