England Marketing research

What do consumers think of sustainability in the fresh produce aisle? What are their opinions and preferences on net-zero food, and what opportunities exist for the industry?

England Marketing sought to find out in an exclusive piece of consumer research prepared for July's Festival of Fresh event, and you can now download your copy of the report for free.

Managing director Jan England explained: 'Our research identified that a huge majority, at almost 90 per cent, of consumers are supportive of environmental policy changes, even when considering the potential for a negative impact on them as a result of these changes.

'With over 80 per cent of consumers stating that they would be more likely to shop with a supermarket that had made tangible environmental commitments - but only 10 per cent at present being able to name what their preferred supermarket is doing in the sustainability space - it is clear this this is a missed opportunity for the industry to deliver what consumers actually want.

'Through this report’s findings, we know that consumers have a real desire for change but that the framework and support for them to do so is distinctly lacking. There are significant opportunities to be found here for collaboration between the industry and retailers in supporting consumers and taking the desired steps into making food production more sustainable.”

You can watch the Festival of Fresh presentation below, and download your copy of the report by clicking here.