Subscription service launches seasonal box of veg, fruit and bread to help families celebrate Halloween and tackle food waste

Wonky produce supplier Earth & Wheat has launched a one-off Halloween Rescue Box in the lead up to 31 October.

The box includes rescued pumpkin, carrots, peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, mushrooms, apples, clementines and kiwis, as well as crumpets, flatbreads and naan breads.

It is aimed at families and includes a free activity booklet for children.

Customers have from Friday 13 October to Wednesday 25 October to pre-order the box, which costs £18.99 and includes free delivery on 27 October.

This is the first time Earth & Wheat has launched a ‘seasonal’ box.

Company founder James Eid said: “This latest launch gives us the chance to tackle a serious subject – how we all need to do our bit to reduce food waste and save the planet – but in a fun way for families.

“For the first time ever, families can enjoy a perfect blend of rescued bread, vegetables and fruits, all in one bewitching box.

“We’ve put together a delectable assortment of high-quality, rescued ingredients which are perfect for any Halloween party in one fun-filled box. Plus, it includes a scary activity booklet for your little terrors.”

Earth & Wheat was founded by Eid in March 2021, when he was still a student, to help reduce food waste by delivering boxes of food that would otherwise be wasted due to its odd shape or size.

The start-up began by redistributing wonky or surplus bread that did not meet retailers’ strict specifications, before expanding into fruit and veg rescued directly from farms.

To date, Earth & Wheat has saved nearly 500 tonnes of food from going to waste and has donated more than 300,000 meals to UK food charities.