Some 6,000 tonnes of British blueberries are expected to hit supermarket shelves across the UK between now and September

The British blueberry season officially kicked off last week (9 June), with leading growers forecasting bumper volumes.

The UK blueberry season kicked off last week (9 June)

The UK blueberry season kicked off last week (9 June)

Hall Hunter, which produces 30 per cent of the UK crop, expects total yields to reach 6,000 tonnes this season, which runs until late September.

The start to the UK deal was delayed by one week due to stormy weather, Harry Hall, managing partner of Hall Hunter said. But subsequent warm and sunny days have increased brix levels, meaning the fruit is expected to taste “sweeter than ever”.

“British blueberries have long been overlooked and I am delighted that here at Hall Hunter we have beaten our growing record to date, and this year will have 2,000 tonnes available for sale. Low in food miles and mighty in flavour, British blueberries are great for the planet, and our diet – an ideal healthy snack for all the family,” he said.

Worth some £481m, the UK blueberry market continues to grow, he added, and with it demand for home-grown fruit. British consumers bought over 5,000 tonnes of UK blueberries last year, said Hall, and his aim is to drive that figure up substantially.

”With 45,000 tonnes imported from abroad, in particular Poland and Chile, Hall Hunter alone wants to increase its crop 30 per cent year-on-year and thanks to its abundant supply, make British blueberries the sole choice for supermarkets and buyers between June and September,” he said.

”With the average British blueberry travelling a mere 100 miles to shelf, compared to their imported counterparts travelling up to almost 7,000 miles they are light on the planet. Moreover, their short commute delivers maximum taste thanks to their freshness, which delivers the perfect blueberry bite; crisp on the outside and juicy and sweet on the inside.”