Pinkids and Minions

PinKids has launched new Despicable Me 3 packaging

Pink Lady’s kids range PinKids has launched new packaging to celebrate the release of new animated film Despicable Me 3.

The three-month campaign will feature on trays of four, six and eight apples, as well as pouchbags and exclusive collectors stickers on each apple.

“This new partnership means we can capitalise on the event to launch produce from our latest harvest and to attract young consumers to the fruit and vegetable aisle, so often ignored by this demographic,” Pink Lady said.

PinKids are small-sized apples aimed at children, who tend to have trouble finishing a whole standard-sized apple, the brand said.

The range has seen 100 per cent growth and is listed in double the number of stores since last season, with further growth expected across Europe for this year.