Saga Robotics announces new partnerships with major growers in Kent, Scotland, and the south of England

Norwegian agritech firm Saga Robotics has significantly expanded its Thorvald robotic services in Britain and now claims to treat nearly one in 10 UK strawberries.

Following the announcement of new partnerships with growers in Kent, the south of England, and Scotland, Saga said it wants to be “the number one autonomous robotics service provider” in the UK.

Saga says its next-gen Thorvald 3 robot represents “a leap forward” in robotic farming technology. The scalable robotics platform uses high-intensity UV-C light to control powdery mildew, which significantly reduces the need for chemical interventions.

Additionally, Thorvald 3 can be fitted with an expanding array of automated tools, including advanced data collection capabilities, and predatory mites dispensing.

Saga CEO Anne Dingstad said: “In an era where sustainability and health are paramount, our autonomous robotic platform Thorvald represents a significant leap forward.

“We’re not just reducing chemical usage; we’re creating a synergy between technology and nature for a healthier, safer, and more sustainable approach to food production.

“As we expand, the UK’s leading growers are increasingly choosing Thorvald as their environmentally sustainable and commercially viable service for pest management.”

The robotics company claims to achieve a 60-90 per cent reduction in pesticide use, delivering a 40 per cent return on investment for customers.

According to Saga, a single Thorvald 3 robot can absorb approximately 150 tonnes of carbon emissions a year. This is equivalent to the greenhouse gas absorption of around 3,000 mature trees.

This season the robotics specialist is operating in an area four times larger than last season, thanks to collaboration with nine major strawberry growers across Britain.

In Kent, Saga’s customers include Clock House Farm, Rumwood Green Farm, Hugh Lowe Farms, and Chambers.

In southern England, customers include New Forest Fruit Company and The Summer Berry Company.

And in Scotland, Thorvald works with key members of Angus Growers: LM Porter and East Scryne Farm.

Sandy Booth, owner of New Forest Fruit Company, highlighted the benefits of Thorvald in reducing pesticide usage and enhancing yield quality.

Meanwhile, Angela Porchez, general manager at Angus Growers in Scotland, said: “This technology introduces new possibilities in strawberry production, with its advanced services for crop management and disease control aligning with our commitment to sustainable agriculture.

“Collaborating with Saga Robotics is a pivotal step for us, making us the first in Scotland to adopt such sophisticated robotic technology, and reaffirming our dedication to environmentally responsible farming practices in the region.”