UK vertical farm specialist is listed by FoodTech 500 as number-one controlled-environment-agriculture technology firm globally

Vertical Future greens

Vertical Future designs autonomous CEA systems

UK-based controlled-environment-agriculture (CEA) technology and data company Vertical Future (VF) has been recognised as the number one CEA-tech firm globally in this year’s FoodTech500.

VF also ranked number 12 among all companies globally in the food technology space, a 35-position rise through the ranks compared to 2023.

VF designs, manufactures and deploys intelligent autonomous CEA systems across the globe with several use cases such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, integration with greenhouses, and even research and development for application in outer space.

The independent recognition validates VF’s innovative, unique model, which has, since transitioning from grower to tech developer in 2018, been led by a blend of plant science and technology, in both hardware and software, the firm said.

VF said the recent achievement comes after eight years of hard work and pivotal strategic decisions, such as moving almost every operation in-house (including manufacturing), focusing on scale to achieve price parity, championing a science-led approach, and providing products and services to secondary markets.

Commenting on the achievement, Jamie Burrows, founder and CEO of Vertical Future, said: “We are delighted with Vertical Future’s recent recognition as the number one CEA technology company globally and number 12 amongst the entire global food technology community on the FoodTech500 list.

”It’s the market telling us that our almost eight years of hard work, movement from being an operator to a tech and data company, and constant push to develop the best system and overall model have not been in vain.”

He added: ”Strategic decisions combined with our hard work and top-of-the-range, innovative offerings are all factors that together make Vertical Future unique. Our journey is far from over.”

Since its inception in 2016, the London headquartered firm has deployed eight vertical farms in the UK, and is building farms as far afield as Singapore, as well as investigating multiple opportunities in the Middle East.

FoodTech500 by Forward Fooding is the world’s first list of global entrepreneurial talent at the intersection of food, technology and sustainability.

Since its launch in 2019, it has had over 9,000 applicants, reached over 180 countries, and amounted to US$24.6 billion in investment raised by the winners.

The ranking is based on business size, digital footprint and sustainability practices.