Twenty Degrees to specialise in commercial development of branded fresh produce, integrating Apal UK subsidiary Coregeo and managing Apal trademarks including Pink Lady

Apple & Pear Australia (Apal) has announced its latest venture Twenty Degrees, a new commercial entity partnering with clients to transform their produce IP into global fresh produce brands.

Twenty Degrees will integrate Apal’s strengths in licensing and intellectual property (IP) management skills with the expertise of Coregeo, Apal’s wholly-owned UK subsidiary responsible for marketing Pink Lady and other fresh produce brands.

As part of this strategic realignment, Apal will retain ownership of current trade marks, including the iconic Pink Lady, while licensing Twenty Degrees to manage these trade marks. Coregeo will become part of Twenty Degrees.

Phil Turnbull, group chief executive of Twenty Degrees said this new entity aims to transform fresh produce into globally recognised fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands by maximising the combined capabilities of its international teams and global resources.

“We’re thrilled about the great potential that comes with synergising the capabilities of Coregeo and Apal’s teams,” said Turnbull.

“This new entity will provide a wonderful opportunity for our international teams and existing clients to work together to build global FMCG brands, delivering enhanced value to partners around the world.”