New protocol signed between governments grants access for kiwiberries after eight-year pause 

A new protocol has been signed between the China and New Zealand governments which allows for the resumption of trade for New Zealand kiwiberries. The new kiwiberry export plan, which was signed on 13 June at Government House, is subject to a series of conditions including crop registration, pest monitoring and labelling among others.  

Foto: NZ Kiwiberry Grower Association

New Zealand kiwiberries are exported to 12 different countries 

Trade and agriculture minister Todd McClay and food safety minister Andrew Hoggard welcomed the protocol and said it would boost agricultural and food trade between the two countries.  

“The new kiwiberry export plan is an important step forward for our growers and will enable Chinese consumers to again enjoy our high-quality kiwiberry,” Mclay said. “The new export plan will provide certainty and a lucrative revenue stream for our kiwiberry growers.” 

New Zealand previously exported kiwiberry to China between 2010 and 2016 when access was revoked.  

“This is really exciting news for New Zealand kiwiberry growers,” said Geoff Oliver chairman of industry body NZ Kiwiberry Growers. “The improved returns from China will no doubt lead to better returns for the category which will lead to increased plantings and larger export volumes.” 

The New Zealand export crop has decreased in recent years as some growers converted to producing gold or red kiwifruit varieties. 

“We expect volumes to increase largely from new plantings in the last two years,” said Neil McLoughlin executive officer of NZ Kiwiberry Growers. “We also have some new varieties being trialed which is exciting.”  

Currently New Zealand kiwiberries are exported to 12 different countries, half of which are in Asia. Exporters will continue to support the current markets in addition to China, according to NZ Kiwiberry Growers.