GEN blackcurrant

According to a study by scientists at New Zealand-based Plant & Food Research, the country’s anthocyanin-rich blackcurrants provide more than one-off benefits for exercise recovery.

Previous studies have shown that consuming New Zealand blackcurrants assists with exercise recovery, helping regulate oxidative stress and inflammation and supporting immunity.

Roger Hurst, Principal Scientist of Plant & Food Research and science leader of the study, said this new study showed the long-term effects of eating the berry.

“We wanted to know if the benefits associated with a single intake were sustained over time with repeated intake,” said Hurst.

“We found that long-term consumption also brings benefits for exercise recovery.”

In this study, the scientists looked at whether daily consumption of anthocyanins from New Zealand blackcurrants one hour prior to exercise over an extended period (five weeks) had diminished efficacy (due to desensitisation), compared to a single intake.

The scientists found that daily consumption either maintained or enhanced exercise recovery effectiveness, improving anti-inflammatory and immunity markers.

This data builds upon the growing evidence suggesting that the New Zealand blackcurrant extract primes the body, allowing for exercise to switch on antioxidant, inflammatory defences and adaptation.

“This study is one of several we are finalising and hoping to publish revealing the benefits of New Zealand blackcurrant consumption for supporting exercise and an active lifestyle,” said Hurst.