Consumer-facing social media campaign aims to get New Zealanders eatinng more stonefruit and cherries

Industry body Summerfruit NZ has launched a social media promotional campaign encouraging domestic consumers to purchase more fruit over the summer.

The campaign prompts consumers to eat summer and make memories with summerfruit, promoting cherries and stonefruit including plums, nectarines and apricots. 

“The campaign evokes the nostalgia of a classic Kiwi summer, seasonal freshness and harnessing the taste of summer,” NZ Summerfruit said in an industry update.

“This campaign will raise awareness and encourage the purchase of summerfruit in supermarkets nationwide at key times across the current season.”

The campaign included social content shared across Summerfruit NZ’s social media channels combined with influencers sharing recipes showcasing summerfruit, reaching a targeted audience of main household shoppers aged between 35-55, young families and professional couples with an interest in food (healthy food and recipes).