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Chiquita steps up EU and US campaigns

European marketing continues as company also launches new alphabet stickers for consumers to collect in the US

Chiquita steps up EU and US campaigns

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Fruit marketer Chiquita has extended its new multi-channel marketing campaign to Belgium this week, following similar launches in Germany, Greece and Italy.

The company’s European campaign, which was developed in partnership with Italy’s Armando Testa Group under the slogan ‘Always the best choice’, is due to run from April until the end of the year, and highlights a number of daily dilemmas apparently faced by consumers.

“After launching in Germany, Greece and Italy the Balance campaign has finally started in Belgium to bring the lighthearted dilemmas and the funny character of Chiquita bananas even closer to the Belgian consumers,” the company commented. “The campaign will be live until mid June all around the country.”

In the US, meanwhile, Chiquita has begun marketing a new variation on its iconic blue stickers. Featuring different letters of the alphabet, the labels are designed to be collected and used creatively by consumers.

“Do you remember that game with the Chiquita Blue Stickers in your childhood?” the company asked in a marketing press release. “Remember how much fun it was?! Recently, people have started to play this game again. They collect the Blue Stickers from their bunch of Chiquita bananas and stick them on yellow objects like tennis balls, letters, skirts and shirts.”

With the stickers reportedly popping up more frequently on social media channels, Chiquita is aiming to capitalise on the associated sense of fun by offering the special alphabet labels on its fruit.

“As soon as banana-lovers have collected the letters they need for composing a word or a sentence, they stick their creations on a funny place,” it suggested. “Chiquita is inviting all Chiquitize writers to take pictures of their designs and to post them on Facebook or Instagram and to challenge their friends to do the same.”

The so-called #yellowchallenge was already going viral, it noted, adding that the “funniest, most meaningful or most imaginative” creations would be posted on Chiquita’s websites and social media platforms.

“This amusing game underlines the fact that Chiquita is not only a remarkable brand for tasty and sustainably produced bananas, but also a modern, fun brand.”

Chiquita alphabet labels

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