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Pakistan and Russia agree to MoU

Pakistan and Russia are negotiating a Memorandum of Understanding following World Food Moscow

Pakistan and Russia agree to MoU

Kinnows are one of Pakistan's major exports to Russia

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Pakistani fresh produce exporters have announced that Russian quarantine officials have agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to boost Pakistani exports to Russia, reports the Express Tribune.

While the MoU is yet to be signed, Pakistan Fruits and Vegetables Association (PFVA) co-chairman Waheed Amhed said Russian quarantine officials have agreed to support Pakistani companies in building their fresh fruit and vegetable exports to Russia, following the World Food Moscow exhibition last week.

A delegation of 20 Pakistani exporters attended the exhibition, which included a meeting with Alexander Isayev, head of Russian Federal Service of Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance.

“We informed the Russian officials about the progress Pakistan had made in improving the quality of its fresh food exports to the European Union,” Waheed told the Express Tribune. “Now that they have seen that Pakistan is following the protocol to increase its fresh food exports, they will visit to explain to local companies about the Russian quality requirements."

A delegation of Russian quarantine officials is now expected to visit Pakistan in order to inspect the country's fresh produce facilities.

“Improved trade relations with Russian would also benefit the whole chain including farmers, traders and definitely exports,” Waheed said, adding that the MoU would allow export and quarantine discrepancies to be solved swiftly and allow Pakistani exporters greater access to Russia.



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