Indian mangoes enter South Korea

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Indian mangoes enter South Korea

Airfreight trade up and running, as exporters target shipments over peak season

Indian mangoes enter South Korea

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The first consignment of Indian mangoes sent to South Korea has arrived safely in Soul, according to Business Line.

The initial 2.5 tonne shipment was conducted by airfreight from Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA), with the fruit hitting retail shelves across the South Korean capital over the last week.

According to a release from RGIA, export volumes from India to South Korea could reach up to 10 tonnes per day over the height of the current mango season.

India exports over 4,000 tonnes of mangoes per annum, according to Business Line, with North America, Australia and Western Asia among key markets. Challenges surrounding phytosanitary requirements has limited opportunities to send fruit to Japan and the EU over recent times.




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