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MSC sends first CA cargo from Spain to Asia

Using new technology, MSC are able to send perishable goods further distances reaching new markets

MSC sends first CA cargo from Spain to Asia

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Perishable goods are now being sent under Controlled Atmosphere (CA) conditions through Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) shipping company from Spain to Asia.

A shipment of melons was one of the first to make the journey under conditions which limit the fruit’s ripening, extending shelf-life. This allows products to reach further markets in good condition, according to MSC.

The technology reduces oxygen concentration, and reduces carbon dioxide in the container, to reduce and remove ethylene gas.

“Controlled Atmosphere technology is ideal for the shipping of perishable products requiring independent control of both O2 and CO2, namely: stone fruit, apple, avocado, lettuce, persimmon. This represents a unique opportunity for Spanish producers to open new markets demanding high quality fruits and vegetables,” MSC said in a press release.

The company is working with CA providers and technicians to have the systems installed on their containers.

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