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Freshmax tells consumers to get Munch’n

First kiwiberries of New Zealand season expected to hit shelves later this month

Freshmax tells consumers to get Munch’n

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Freshmax is confident it will enjoy its most successful season to date with its kiwiberry programme out of New Zealand.

The Australasian group – which markets kiwiberries under the Munch’n brand – says summer has been kind to its growers in the Bay of Plenty, with extended sunshine hours meaning kiwiberry maturity is tracking well with high dry matter. The general consensus is that an early harvest is likely, with the first fruit expected to be with export customers in the last week of February.

“Our customers are coming back from Chinese New Year holiday and looking forward to an exciting campaign with Munch’n kiwiberry following on from the success of the Lani, Starletta and Pickers Best cherries, some of Freshmax’ other specialty fruit brands” said Tracey Burns, Export Division Manager at Freshmax NZ.

Freshmax recently launched a new Munch’n marketing campaign, including a brand new global Munch’n kiwiberry website.


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