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Monday 26th March 2018, 11:31 Melbourne

CEO chosen for PHDEC

A complicated choice of CEO has held up official appointments at the Pakistan Horticulture Development and Export Company

CEO chosen for PHDEC

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The newly revived Pakistan Horticulture Development and Export Company will soon appoint Muhammad Ashraf as its chief executive.

Ashraf is also director general of the Commerce Division, which oversees the PHDEC. Because of this, the rules of appointment in line with public sector companies guidelines disallow him to manage the PHDEC, however, the cabinet has approved an amending of the rules to allow Ashraf’s position.

Current rules require appointment on deputation as voted by the board. They also stipulate that the appointee should be “fresh” and not an existing civil servant.

The Tribune reported that the board had chosen three final candidates, including Assad Khalid, financial controller of the Asian Food Industry; Kashif Jamshed, national consultant of the Asian development Bank; and Ashraf.

As Ashraf was the favoured candidate, the process is underway to officially instate him to the role. The PHDEC is eager to see his appointment as they see it as important to the company’s revitalisation in wake of the country’s horticulture export potential.

Currently the Commerce Division is preparing a summary for the cabinet to amend the rules before an official appointment can take place.

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