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Restrictions extended in Auckland

Third Q-fly found within control zones surrounding northern suburb of Northcote

Restrictions extended in Auckland

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Further biosecurity restrictions on the movement of fruit and vegetables in the Auckland suburb of Northcote are being put in place, following the find of a third Queensland fruit fly (Q-fly) in the area.

The male fly was found in a surveillance trap just outside the A Zone controlled area, but within the B Zone, and was around 270m away from the last detection in Northcote.

"While it is disappointing that we've found another fly, the detection is showing the effectiveness of our surveillance programme,” New Zealand’s Ministry of Primary Industry said in a statement. "Importantly, we still have no evidence of an established breeding population."

The detection means the restrictions on movement of fruit and vegetables in the A Zone in Northcote, the 200m radius area around the original detection, will be extended towards the south east to take account of the latest find. 

In addition, Biosecurity New Zealand will be establishing further enhanced fruit fly trapping between the Devonport and Northcote detections as a precautionary measure.

"However, there will be no restrictions on the movement of fruit in these areas,” the release added. “This in-fill trapping is purely precautionary."

Biosecurity New Zealand is also working with industry partners to put in place appropriate controls on the movement of fruit destined for export through or near Northcote.

All 5,243 fruit fly traps in the greater Auckland area have now been checked, including 629 traps in the three controlled areas.


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