Collaboration with Emirates Red Crescent will see funds donated for every Ramadan-inspired Rockit giftbox sold

Miniature apple brand Rockit has partnered with Emirates Red Crescent during Ramadan as part of a charitable promotion for its Ramadan-inspired Rockit giftbox sold

Rockit Ramadan promotion instore 2023

Rockit’s Ramadan campaign includes in-store promotional displays

The partnership will see Rockit donate 1 dirham to the Emirates Red Crescent for every giftbox– containing two tubes of Rockit apples – sold. The funds will support the charity’s Iftar Saim campaign, which aims to provide healthy Iftar meals to those in need during the month of Ramadan.

Rockit market manager for the Middle East, Ziad El Chawa, said Rockit couldn’t be prouder to be collaborating with Emirates Red Crescent to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan while supporting those in need in breaking their fast.

“Ramadan holds great value for our people and our business, and we are blessed that this month allows us to be and do better every year. Giving back to our community and empathizing with others is the essence of Ramadan, and we are pleased to be supporting the Iftar Saim campaign this year with our donations,” said El Chawa.

General manager global marketing, Julian Smith, said Rockit would continue to pursue strong opportunities to collaborate and spread goodness with millions of new consumers. He added Rockit was excited to be making a difference alongside its creative, interactive Ramadan campaign.

“This special campaign allows consumers to support a fantastic initiative and they will also get a special DIY lantern project inside our Ramadan promotional box, encouraging a fun occasion to Rockit with their families. We look forward to seeing our campaign spread enjoyment on many levels this year,” said Smith.

Alongside the eye-catching promotional displays in-store, Rockit is celebrating Ramadan with extensive online activity.

“We’ve been working hard to deliver engaging content that our consumers can interact with, while collaborating with many renowned influencers to create a special overall experience during Ramadan this year,” said Smith.

Rockit Ramadan giftboxes are now on sale both in-store and online across the Gulf Cooperation Council countries including Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.