AEBE praises the commitment to innovation and sustainability of Ecuadorean companies at gala event

The Association of Banana Exporters of Ecuador (AEBE) held its second annual Banana Awards last week in Guayaquil to recognise the commitment of the banana sector to promoting innovation and sustainability in the banana value chain.

AEBE Banana Wawrds 2023_winners

AEBE’s president, Marianela Ubilla, said the awards “demonstrate that in Ecuador there is development, innovation, social programmes, environmental protection, excellent administration, adaptation to changing consumer tastes and above all the promotion of the sector to Sustainable Development Goals set out under the 2030 agenda”.

Eighteen companies competed across different categories. Orodelti scooped the Sustainable Development prize (the biggest award of the evening) along with the Management of Sustainable Actions award. Other awards went to Jasafrut and Netafim (Gender Equality) and Mardiempre (Management).

“The winning companies are made up of a multidisciplinary team, highly committed to the constant training and updating in relation to sustainability and the environment,” AEBE said in a statement.

“Their operations are guided by gender equity and equal opportunity approaches. Within them, opportunities are promoted for women and men to access decent work, that is, a well-paid, productive job carried out in conditions of freedom, equity, security and human dignity; that is to say, to reduce gender gaps in salary, to eradicate sexual harassment at work, to promote greater impartiality in the use of time between men and women, to create greater respect for women’s knowledge and to maintain gender balance.

“They have implemented specific programs to empower women in agriculture. These programmes include training in advanced agricultural technologies, access to financing and technical assistance, and the creation of support and mentoring networks for women farmers.”

AEBE also praised the constant work of the winning companies to use resources efficiently and responsibly.

José Antonio Hidalgo, executive director of AEBE said: “As a sector, we are committed to promoting sustainable and egalitarian practices, this allows us to offer the world a product that respects the environment and contributes to the economy and society in general”.