The sustainable quality seal is used in 19 countries with a total of 310,537 certified hectares worldwide

Spain’s Agroponiente Group has obtained LEAF Marque certification. The company said the milestone reaffirms its commitment to the philosophy of “conscious agriculture” based on respect for the environment. LEAF Marque is a global assurance system recognising more sustainably farmed products.


“Both the quality control department and the technician at Agroponiente have worked conscientiously and meticulously to achieve this certification, which had been marked as strategic for the company, since it is one of the most prestigious quality seals in the field of global sustainability, with a presence in 19 countries and a total of 310,537 certified hectares,” the company said.

“Obtaining this certification recognises our continuous efforts across every part of the production process, from organisation and planning to soil management and fertility, crop protection, pollution control and by-product management, energy efficiency, water optimisation and the management and conservation of the landscape and nature.”