‘Good Move From Europe’ encourages Millennials and Generation Z to eat more healthily and be more active

Ailimpo has once again joined forces with French produce agency Aprifel and Polish fruit and vegetable association Fruit Union to launch a brand-new three-year marketing campaign to promote the benefits of lemon and grapefruit consumption and encourage regular exercise.

The ‘Good Move From Europe’ campaign, which has the backing of the European Union, is aimed at both Millennials and Generation Z. Research shows that this demographic has experienced a decrease in physical activity since 2006 due to spending more time in front of screens. It is also targeted at followers of sports coaches on social networks who want to expand knowledge to improve their nutrition.

The campaign, which runs till 2026, features activities designed to educate, inspire and motivate to adopt a healthy lifestyle through diet and regular physical activity. It includes sponsor broadcasts of major sporting events such as this summer’s Olympic Games in Paris and Spanish races featuring elite athletes.

Activities also include social media advertising, a website with specific information on the benefits of regular consumption of lemon and grapefruit, and always-on profiles on Facebook and Instagram with various content focused on encouraging interaction.

“Following the success of ‘Welcome to the Lemon Age’, we are delighted to launch our new promotional campaign. Sport and healthy eating go hand in hand and ‘Good Move From Europe’ seeks to inspire people to be more active and eat consciously. In fact, lemon and grapefruit are true natural treasures that not only add a touch of flavour to our lives, but are also full of essential nutrients that benefit health in multiple ways,” said José Antonio García, director of Ailimpo.

The new campaign will use some of the same materials as its predecessor, such as video recipes and actions highlighting the quality and sustainability of European lemons and grapefruits produced in Spain with respect to those coming from non-EU countries.

Middle-distance runners Adrián Ben and Águeda Marqués, who will likely represent Spain at the Paris 2024 Olympics, will be the ambassadors of ‘Good Move From Europe’. Ben is European 800m champion. indoor track in Istanbul 2023 and fourth place in the final of the World Championship of the same modality in Budapest, while Marqués achieved third place in 5,000m at the European Games held in Chorzów (Poland) last year. They will be tasked with convincing young people to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle.

“If we want to help young people have a healthier and more active lifestyle, we need to inform them and make them aware of the benefits of playing sports and consuming fruits and vegetables. But also give them tips and tricks to reduce barriers to consumption and increase their own confidence in their ability to change on their own,” García said.