Clemengold on tree

ANB Produce and Marketing has announced that it has rebranded itself as Fruitalyst.

The company said in a statement that said Fruitalyst was a word created with the joining of ‘fruit’ and ‘catalyst’.

“The combination of the words accordingly depicts the result of combining the efforts of growers, ideas, and value chain benefits geared towards better positioning fruit in front of retailers and end consumers.”

The growth of the company and the scope and success of its brands have by far surpassed the initial dream of establishing the ClemenGold mandarin brand in the early 2000s.

Fruitalyst noted that in recent years it had moved beyond the confines of South African borders to become 'a truly global company with sought-after brands that have secured a place on the world stage of fresh produce marketing'.

As part of the South African based ANB Group of companies, the company drives the global commercialisation, marketing and branding of fruit produced by its own and partner farms.

Viresh Ramburan, Fruitalyst director and ANB Group CEO, explained that the rebranding had been done to reflect the comprehensive diversity of its work, its geographic reach and unique industry offering, and the value the company created more fully for its stakeholders.

“Fruitalyst is in the business of elevating fruit along the full fruit value chain, activating it from mere commodities dependent on usual market forces of supply and demand, to brands preferred by retailers and asked for by name by consumers,” said Ramburan.

“We connect quality products from our own and partner growers with selected global customers and support these recipients with creative marketing campaigns tailor-made to entice their specific consumers. In this way, we strengthen the hand of our retail and wholesale customers while establishing relatable brands which encourages brand recognition and ultimately brand loyalty.”

The growth set in motion by the ClemenGold mandarin brand had culminated in the establishment of a collaborative ecosystem of role players contributing to and benefitting from the creation of a global market for branded premium soft citrus, the group outlined.

“Selected growers in South Africa, Morocco, and Spain pack this brand and work with state-of-the-art packing facilities and export partners to secure extended shelf space for branded fruit with a high-quality specification.”

Fruitalyst said it had shown its prowess in developing successful brands and sharing them with the world, harnessing high levels of retail and consumer recognition and goodwill.

“It has generated a following amongst consumers who prefer consistently top-quality citrus and enjoy being able to identify their brand of choice by means of the now widely recognised teardrop shaped logo,' the group said. 'The success of the ClemenGold brand has commercially paved the way for the establishment of sibling brands, including LemonGold seedless lemons, NavelGold and HoneyGold.

“Embracing a new company name symbolises a strategic pivot,” Ramburan added. “We’re excited to be ideally positioned for the incredible potential and opportunity that exists within the fresh produce industry, with our partner growers and the exciting fruit products we work with.”