CMI Orchards has announced strong branded apple sales growth for several of its brands.

Accoridng to the Washington state-based grower, Jazz apples have jumped into the second position for branded apple sales across the US.

Jazz has seen an overall increase of 13 per cent in sales dollars. This in turn represented a 24 per cent in volume over the latest 52-week period, according to Nielsen scan data ended 23 January 202.

Jazz apples currently account for 21 per cent of the country's branded apple category sales.

Envy apples showed similar success, CMI noted, with growth in volume of 8 per cent year-over-year and a 10 per cent growth in sales dollars.

Envy apples account for 22 per cent of the branded apple category in overall sales.

Jazz and Envy are marketed by CMI Orchards, Rainier Fruit Co. and Oppy and have historically held the top-performing positions for all branded apples.

“Jazz and Envy join Ambrosia as three of our strongest specialty apples,' confirmed CMI Orchards marketing specialist Danelle Huber.

'Consumers are looking for their next favourite apple and CMI Orchards provides outstanding options,' Huber explained. 'Jazz offers a fantastic sweet and refreshing eating experience, as a snack and in the kitchen.

'Envy is consistently a stand-out favourite, offering unmatched flavour with its sweet and crunchy bite, consistently good eating quality, and gorgeous red colour.”

“CMI prides itself on making calculated decisions when bringing on new licensed apples to enhance our manifest and has a strong track record of backing the winners,” said CMI Orchards brand manager Rochelle Bohm.

“With three of America’s top-selling apple brands, plus Kiku, Kanzi, Smitten, Pacific Rose and EverCrisp – many of which regularly fall in the top ten of all branded apples – CMI is the go-to supplier of branded apples that deliver an outstanding eating experience with proven sales performance,' she added.