BASF tomato

BASF has launched its first tomato variety in Mexico with intermediate resistance against Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV).

The new hybrid is a cherry plum tomato variety and combines intermediate resistance with strong agronomic and market performance.

“The new variety has proven its performance during two test seasons at different locations in Sinaloa, Bajio, Baja California and South Mexico,” said Hiram Gutierrez Ayala, crop sales manager tomato fresh for NAFTA.

“The variety showed a reliable resistance under light and heavy virus pressure and will contribute to a more stable supply of high-quality grape tomatoes for the domestic Mexican market and the important export markets US and Canada.

“Consumers will value the snack tomatoes for their attractive appearance, shelf life and sweetness.”

ToBRFV is a contagious plant virus which easily spreads via mechanical transmission, leaving infected fruits unsellable.

“With the intermediate ToBRFV resistance the plants and fruits will remain symptomless and sellable, offering a more reliable revenue for the growers,” said Ivan Angulo Araujo, regional product specialist tomato fresh.

This introduction is the result of the accelerated development process for parent lines using innovative breeding practices such as indoor farming and marker technology.

The company said it intends to introduce new Roma type varieties in 2021 and to develop more ToBRFV resistant varieties for other tomato segments and regions over the next few years.