BE BelOrta Migo pear

This week, the Belgian Migo pear became fully available at BelOrta, according to Laurent De Smedt, division head of topfruit.
“Given the circumstances, we have had a good harvest with high-quality pears,” he said.

Less favourable weather conditions during the spring may have lowered expectations in terms of volumes compared with previous years, but not in terms of sizes and quality.

“The Migo pears will be slightly bigger compared to last year,” said De Smedt. “In terms of quality, we have also had a good harvest.”

Migo, known as the “friendly pear”, was introduced in 2016 following eight years of research, created by combining the Conference with the Doyenné d'Hiver.

“You can eat this club pear any time and anywhere,” said De Smedt. “Take it with you on the go and enjoy its sweet, refreshing taste and firm bite, with no mess.”