At the end of May, Belgian cooperative BelOrta sold the first BelOmelon melons of the 2024 season, with availability starting earlier than ever

The first Belgian Charentais melons of the season were grown and supplied by Josef De Weerdt and his daughter Indra, from Sint-Katelijne-Waver. 

BelOrta melons

“The wonderfully sweet, juicy taste instantly brings summer to the table,” BelOrta stated. “Colruyt Group showed its heart for local products and, as a Belgian retailer, was the first to offer these Belgian prime melons to customers.”

The first Charentais melons come from greenhouses, with the plants grown vertically instead of on the soil. “Unknown to many, melon plants are related to cucumber plants, among others,” BelOrta said. “They do not necessarily have to be grown lying on the ground, but can also grow perfectly high, guided by wires.

”The advantage of such a cultivation system is that you get beautifully round shaped melons and the fruit is less subject to pressure from diseases and pests. Moreover, it is more ergonomic for the grower to work.”