European production of new club variety set to reach 20,000 tonnnes by 2030, according to brand owner Fresh Forward

Producers in Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland have put their faith in Bloss, a dark-red apple that they believe offers an authentic, tastier eating experience for consumers and a more sustainable product for growers.

The variety’s new brand identity was presented to the global fresh produce trade at Fruit Logistica 2024 in Berlin. The name itself is a combination of bloom and blossom, and is accompanied by natural colours and a stylised image of a grower.

According to its marketers, Bloss is one of a new generation of apples with a high tolerance against scab and powdery mildew, two of the biggest challenges in modern fruit production.

Bloss launch Fruit Logistica 2024 Fresh Forward

Bloss’ brand identity is unveiled at Fruit Logistica 2024 in Berlin

“With this newcomer we have something special on our hands, an apple with a beloved taste,” comments Tim Kievits, brand manager at FruitMasters. “This was evident from the many positive reactions during the fair. Wonderfully juicy with a sweet, tingling taste and crunchy bite.”

Dutch fruit breeder Fresh Forward owns the variety, which is known internally as Wurtwinning. According to the company, Bloss offers above-average pack-out rates and consistent sizes, and has proven “a good fit” for today’s climate.

During recent consumer tests, Bloss apparently scored highly as a result of its “sweet, zesty taste”, its “strong aroma”, and “crisp bite”.

The apple is grown by Royal FruitMasters in the Netherlands, Tobi Seeobst in Switzerland, and Elbe Obst, MaBo, WOG, Landgard, Frutania, and M.AL in Germany.

Production currently stands at 180ha in Europe, with plans in place to add 900ha more in the next five years. Eventually, the Bloss harvest should reach 20,000 tonnes by 2030.