Oppy Eco Farms California Avocados

Oppy has annoucned that it is to market Californian avocados for the first time, through its partnership with Eco Farms.

The group acquired a 65 per cent stake in Eco last year, and is now offering California avocados, branded in the new Eco Farms label.

Eco and Oppy are offering organic and conventional fruit from growing regions including Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru, as well as California.

In further integrating, developing and supporting the partnership, Oppy has promoted 16-year sales veteran Mark Smith to director of sales and strategy for Eco Farms.

By building a unified Oppy-Eco Farms sales team, “We are creating a hybrid model that blends the best in each company’s sales approach,” said Smith. “I am honoured to be in this new role powered by the acute expertise of Eco Farms and fueled by Oppy’s vast distribution network and extensive access to the market. We really have a winning combination.”

With the Mexican crop still shipping significant volumes, but expected to decrease in June and July, the team is looking toward the peak window for California avocados from May through August.

Volume and harvesting have been steadily increasing with great quality and steady supplies expected to continue throughout spring and well into summer, according to Eco Farms sales director Gahl Crane.