California Giant OnePointOne

California Giant Berry Farms and OnePointOne have formed a strategic partnership aimed at increasing berry output and availability through vertical farming and data-driven berry cultivation.

Silicon Valley-based OnePointOne has developed innovative automated, indoor, vertical farming technology that it claims offers superior product yields and quality, while also enabling crops to be grown closer to the end consumer.

Through this partnership, California Giant will share its berry expertise with OnePointOne and the two companies will collaborate on data and research, paving the way for the production of berries with improved nutrient values, taste and availability, all while minimising environmental impact.

Initially, the project will focus on developing an exclusive strawberry cultivar in OnePointOne’s automated, aeroponic, vertical-wall indoor farm.

“OnePointOne’s plant scientists, robotics and AI will identify the ideal moment for planting, pollination, flowering and picking that will result in strawberries of the highest quality and brix levels,” said Sam Bertram, OnePointOne CEO and co-founder.

The outcomes learned within the indoor, data-rich setting will then be shared with California Giant’s greater operations and applied to traditional field-grown techniques in the future.

The vertical farming structures are currently located in California and Arizona with the goal of expanding them throughout the country to improve the availability and accessibility of fresh berries.

“One of California Giant’s strategic goals is to have berries when and where our customers need them,” said Joe Barsi, president of California Giant Berry Farms.

“We have been watching OnePointOne’s progress for some time and are excited at the possibility of this partnership allowing us to have locally grown berries in various US markets as a supplement to our current production.”

Betram continued: “plants are the basis of human nutrition, and berries are a fundamental piece of the equation.

“By augmenting the current supply chain with OnePointOne’s technology and California Giant’s knowledge and mission, we truly believe we can build healthier humanity where access and availability are greater than ever.”