Carton Pack facility

Nicola Leone, founder of one of Italy's leading fresh produce packaging suppliers, Carton Pack, has passed away at the age of 77.

Leone led the group for five decades, contributing actively to the realisation of his entrepreneurial dream and its continued expansion – even in recent years as the family-run firm's honorary president.

Born in the town of Rutigliano in May 1943, Leone dedicated his life to his family, to his work and to entrepreneurial development in the region of Puglia.

According to his family, he was always close to the extended family of people he worked with, and was always ready to welcome everyone with a hug and a smile.

In a statement, they said he would be remembered for the love with which he dedicated himself to the growth of Carton Pack.

'He was a generous patriarch, humble and extremely human with everyone,' recalled one colleague, 'an entrepreneur who paid great attention to the social development of his territory, always committed to providing opportunities for growth and fulfilment for those wanting to contribute to the group in a spirit of solidarity.'

For all those he counted among his friends and colleagues, it's clear that Leone's passing leaves a big hole in their lives.

However, his family added, he also leaves 'a strong message of perseverance, professional commitment and trust in future generations'.