Move is part of company’s commitment to the development and sustainability of the agri-food sector

Post-harvest specialist Citrosol has joined the Agro-Rural Innovation Hub (ARI Hub), an initiative backed by food and drink company Vicky Foods to promote innovation and rural development in the agri-food sector.

Citrosol ARI Hub

An ARI Hub breakfast meeting

Citrosol said it looked forward to actively collaborating in the creation and development of solutions that promote efficiency, sustainability and competitiveness in the agri-food sector.

Being part of ARI Hub will allow Citrosol and other industry players to share knowledge, ideas and resources, thus promoting the exchange of experiences and the creation of projects that promote research and the implementation of advanced technologies that benefit the entire industry and the promotion of the rural world.

ARI Hub is an incubator and accelerator for startups and other innovative companies, whose purpose is to foster a culture of entrepreneurship, promote innovative projects and strengthen collaboration between public and private agents in the agri-food sector and rural development.

Citrosol will actively collaborate in the promotion of an entrepreneurial culture, as well as in promoting innovative projects in the agri-food field and rural development. In addition, the Valencian company will provide its extensive knowledge and experience through its collaboration in financing activities for research and technological development projects and through specific agreements and conventions, thus contributing to the growth and development of the agri-food sector in scientific fields, educational, technological and cultural projects in joint regional, national and international scope.

“Joining ARI Hub thus reaffirms our commitment to research, development and implementation of cutting-edge solutions in the agri-food industry, in line with our mission to offer high-quality products and services that meet the needs of its customers and contribute to the sustainable growth of the sector,” Citrosol said.