Plantseal Citrosol

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) image of the micromorphology of Arabidopsis thaliana leaves covered with an epicuticular wax sheath

Post-harvest specialist Citrosol has developed two new plant coatings certified for organic use. Plantseal and Plantseal Shine free are the only plant coatings certified for use in the organic production of citrus and apples.

Both coatings afford a natural shine to the fruit and in the case of Plantseal Shine free the shine is virtually imperceptible, giving the appearance of an unwaxed fruit.

Both extend the shelf-life of the fruit, by mitigating losses due to ageing symptoms such as the staining of the lemon stylar end and display excellent weight loss control.

Plantseal Shine free is excellent for de-greened fruit, allowing the fruit to continue its colour development.

In addition, pitting due to chilling injury is reduced during cold storage or prolonged refrigerated transport.