CIVS115 Frutto intero ridotto ok

Italy’s Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti (CIV) has developed a new high-yielding low-chill strawberry variety for the extra-early window.

Parthenope is characterised by easy harvesting, excellent quality (flavour, firmness and size), producing a conical, bright red fruit, with high resistance to handling, the company said.

“Our research and development programme is built along the following guidelines: natural hardiness of the plants; ease of production according to conventional agronomic techniques, and good adaptability to both integrated and organic production, thanks to inherent tolerance to diseases and low water and nutrients requirements, thus guarantying a low environmental impact; optimal firmness and shelf-life characteristics,” said CIV breeder Michelangelo Leis.

“Other strawberry varieties for warm climates from the CIV portfolio include Flavia and Flaminia, renowned for the high quality of the fruit and excellent shelf life; Elide, a mid- to late-season variety that offers high quality fruit even in the final months of the season; and new selections CIVL519, CIVL514 and CIVS113, with the aim of achieving peak production before April,” said the company’s business development manager Marco Bertolazzi.

“In particular, CIVL519 looks very promising, offering very early productions of excellent quality (high size and brix grade).”

Bertolazzi also highlighted the new Ania variety for fresh and/or cold climates with its distinctive aroma of wild strawberry, and Xante, the first low-chill ever-bearer variety from CIV suitable for hot and dry climates.

“CIV is committed to offering new varieties that better meet the needs of all supply chain players with special attention to the consumer,” said Leis.