Corpohass signs up to the Colombian Business Council for Sustainable Development

Colombian avos

Colombian avocado organisation Corpohass has signed up to the Colombian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CECODES), an organisation recognised as the regional centre of the Global Network of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

Avocados play an important role in the Colombian economy. They are the third most exported fruit, generate the second-highest income and hold the fourth position in Colombian agricultural trade with other markets.

Katheryn Mejia Vergel, executive director of Corpohass, said: “Being part of CECODES reaffirms our sector’s commitment to sustainability from a holistic approach across its three dimensions: social, economic, and environmental. This alliance provides great support for positioning Colombian Hass Avocados as a beacon of quality and sustainability in more than 30 markets”.

Joining the CECODES network will enable Corpohass to learn and engage with the foremost organisations in Colombia dedicated to sustainability. Through this collaboration, the sector can implement this knowledge into tangible actions, driving economic growth, environmental conservation, and social progress within the country.

Sergio Rengifo Caicedo, executive director of CECODES, commented, “We recognise the leadership of Corpohass as an organisation that unites the producers and exporters of Hass Avocado. We want to guide them with international business tools adapted to the local context in our Vision 2050 roadmap of Colombia”.

Colombia exported a record number of containers of Hass avocados in 2023, these growing 26.3 per cent on the previous year. Customs data shows a strong start to the current year, with sales figures rising to 53 per cent in the first month compared to the same period in 2023.

Corpohass projects a 15 per cent increase in Hass Avocado exports this year, amounting to approximately 147,244 tonnes. After the conclusion of the main harvest season in February, the sector is now gearing up for “La Traviesa” season. This is projected to yield high volumes and good quality, paving the way for increased shipments to the US.