Sales of the variety grew 174 per cent in five months to January 2023 against a backdrop of falling US apples sales

Cosmic Crisp

Cosmic Crisp apples have recorded the biggest sales gains among the top 40 selling apple varieties in the US.

A review of Nielsen sales data released by Proprietary Variety Management (PVM) shows Cosmic Crisp sales leading all other major varieties, propelling the variety into the top 10 best-selling US varieties for the first time.

The PVM review spans the calendar period from September 2022 to January 2023. During this period, Cosmic Crisp sales grew 163 per cent in value and 174 per cent in volume. This was despite a contraction of 3.3 per cent in the total volume of US apple sales.

“The sales data shows that both the retail community and consumers nationally are discovering Cosmic Crisp and this incredible branded apple is driving category performance,” said Kathryn Grandy, chief marketing officer of proprietary variety management.

“The fact that Cosmic Crisp has jumped into the top 10 best-selling varieties in just three years is a remarkable level of success and proves the rapidly growing consumer demand for this apple.

“When we examined the Nielsen US supermarket data we are seeing an apple category that declined in volume by -3.3 per cent, with many of the major varieties ­– including Honeycrisp ­– losing volume.

“Cosmic Crisp has really been the brightest star in the category with a volume gain of 174 per cent, all while selling at a retail price 2nd only to Honeycrisp among the top 10 varieties.

“Strong volume gains with above average retail prices is a winning strategy for both retailers and our growers.”

PVM also noted that Cosmic Crisp sales were strong in all regions of the US.

Grandy said the strong sales and volume gains for Cosmic Crisp came despite comparatively low promotional support in supermarkets.

“The Nielsen data shows that for the apple category about 33 per cent of all retail sales are associated with retail price promotions. During this period only 25 per cent of Cosmic Crisp sales were linked to retail price discounts,” she said.

“It’s astonishing that Cosmic Crisp generated category leading sales while getting about half the level of supermarket price promotions.”

Grandy predicted that supermarket produce executives will be seeing strong sales gains in 2023 and beyond.

“Cosmic Crisp production this year was up 28 per cent and the quality in storage is outstanding. Retailers across the US are making it a staple in their apple category sales and promotional plans.

“There is no doubt that Cosmic Crisp apples are going to continue to be the brightest star in driving apple category growth,” she concluded.